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PT-10 Pulse Transmitter

Replaces mechanical gear train
The MID:COM PT-10 Pulse Transmitter is a patented device that replaces the
mechanical gear train, which eliminates mechanical friction and wear between
the measuring chamber and counter as well as a potential leak path. Meters
equipped with pulse transmitter allow the counter to be mounted remotely.
UL Listed for Hazardous Locations. Class I, Division 1, Group C, D.

Meter Install Acc

Meter and Register Installation Accessories

Versatile installation for any type of meter to measure any product


MID:COM manufactures a complete line of accessories for installing the E:Count and E:Count LT counter on or with the most popular brands of meters.

Strainer Cap with Thermowell

The MID:COM strainer cap provides a convenient port for the optional ATC thermowell.

706 0025


Adds security or preset functionality
MID:COM produces valves for most products delivered through a metering system.

Printers PCM


Makes and models to meet your needs
Complete line of printers including MID:COM’s field tested model, slip printers for multi-part tickets, and thermal printers for logo application on the ticket.

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts 

Please contact the MID:COM Service Department for replacement parts or assistance. 

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