Improve the Accuracy of Product Delivery and Streamline Processes for Your Drivers

E:Count is a standalone register for petroleum and propane bobtails. E:Count will improve the accuracy and efficiency of any mechanical meter by replacing hundreds of moving parts with a very low maintenance, solid state electronic counter.

E:Count Features Include:

  • Easy mounting and use on any brand or type of meter
  • Large easy to read alpha numeric display
  • Easy to follow legends for all operations
  • Self contained calibration and setup functions
  • Accepts any type of pulse input
  • Built in Enduro Switch® control keys (for harsh environments)
  • Sealed connectors including power, valve control and remote readout
  • Field programmable for custom applications
  • Eliminate change gears, adjusters, linkages and other mechanical parts


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E:Count Truck Systems

E:Count is primarily used on bulk delivery trucks and can be mounted on or connected to any type of meter. Truck systems include a Power Control Module that provides convenient connection points for 12 Volt power from the truck electrical system and conditioned power out for 12 and 24 Volt printers, host computers and up to two E:Counts. Many providers of on board computer systems have an interface to E:Count. Free E:Count Matrix configuration software is included to streamline your pricing updates.

E:Count Electronic Temperature Compensation

E:Count features electronic temperature compensation for the highest degree of accuracy. A temperature difference of 6º F equals 1% difference in the volume of propane. Mechanical compensators simply cannot react fast enough to temperature change throughout the delivery. Electronic temperature compensation is the best way to insure accurate product delivery at any temperature.

E:Count Pump and Print Functions

E:Count provides basic pump and print functions when connected to an Epson slip printer, or a MID:COM impact printer or thermal printer. The modular design allows a user to upgrade the system by adding components in the cab and leaving the original register, valve and cables to the meter intact. E:Count can easily be upgraded to work with MID:COM on board computers, your current general purpose computer, and other common peripheral components.